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Chrysocolla: stillness at the bottom of the sea

A gorgeous stone that resembles the stillness at the bottom of the sea, chrysocolla 

is the gentlest of stones. Boasting a soothing colour, it’s associated with calmness, reconciliation, and reassurance.

In ancient Egypt, it was called the "wise stone" because it shielded and encouraged the mind during negotiations. It  was thought that those who wore chrysocolla could come up with compromises and resolutions. Cleopatra wore chrysocolla jewellery as one of her staples. She cherished the stone for its physical and metaphysical properties.

Chrysocolla, associated with tranquillity, peace, intuition, patience and unconditional love, is known as a healing stone among Native American cultures where it has been used to strengthen the body's resistance to illness and emotional duress. 

It is thought that chrysocolla can calm one’s feelings and purify a place or restore balance to a person.

Chrysocolla has the ability to bring harmony, increase wisdom and guide you toward discretion. It promotes level headedness, encouraging clarity of thought and a neutral, calm attitude during turbulence by purifying the home, environment and the mind. Use it to decrease nervousness and irritability.

Chrysocolla is also a good choice to wear in order to alleviate difficulty expressing feelings or creativity. Chrysocolla should have its energies cleansed once a month by rinsing it under warm running water, and then placing it in a bowl overnight with a piece of genuine hematite to recharge it.

Chrysocolla can be found wherever large copper deposits occur, such as Africa, Mexico and the U.S. state of Arizona (where it is called Apache chrysocolla). Chrysocolla from the state of Arizona is a mixture of chrysocolla, turquoise, jasper, lapis, malachite and quartz crystal minerals.

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