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Old Salt. What’s in a name?

Updated: Jun 5

Referring to a seasoned sailor who is hardy and forthright, old salt is a term used for experienced mariners. While the creator and owner of Old Salt isn’t an experienced mariner, she loves the sea and she also loves to sail. 

The sailor image as reference to Old Salt
Old salt: a seasoned sailor

The owner of Old Salt started creating jewellery in midlife – at a time when her workplace colleagues expressed that she might be a bit too old and too salty for them. Though they didn’t use those words exactly, the term old salt captures the sentiment of their intent.

Though the sentiment may seem harsh to some, this brand name was chosen for its humour. It reveals some of the ingredients in the creator’s personality.

The choice to use this label as her jewellery brand name, is about finding a new career at an older age while still nodding to the joy of the sea and all it has to offer.

Many of her creative ideas are inspired by the sea. And, the name might be just a little nod to her off-beat, salty humour and her hardiness!

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